Charter of the Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Materials Alliance

Chapter One General Provisions

First name

Silk Road Global-Pandemic Materials Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance), English abbreviation: SGAPMA.

Article 2 Nature of the Union

The Silk Road Anti-epidemic Materials Alliance is composed of voluntary production, distribution, well-known enterprises, media and other medical products of New Coronary Pneumonia. It is an industrial public welfare organization that integrates jointness, professionalism and industry.

Article 3 Purpose of the Alliance

The alliance adheres to the guidance of the national industrial policy, the export market as the guide, and the enterprise as the main body to build an open platform for production and marketing, improve the exchange and interaction between the members of the alliance, play a role as a bridge, and promote the export of foreign exchange-resistant materials for foreign exchange.

Chapter 2 Alliance Mission

Article 4 The alliance works around functions of mutual assistance, interaction, service and so on.

Article 5 The alliance strives to create a fair and equal industry development platform to improve industry or industry competitiveness.

Article 6 Provide enterprises with the conditions and opportunities for financing and promotion to better promote business development.

Article 7 The alliance will build a communication bridge with the procurement of medical supplies by foreign embassies in China.

Article 8 The alliance will adhere to the medical enterprise as the center and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the enterprise!

Chapter 3 Organization and Responsibilities

Article 9 Organizational Structure of the Alliance

(1) The Union Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Union, directs the Union to carry out its work, and decides the major affairs of the Union. The Union Assembly meets once every six months. In special circumstances, it can be held by communication. Responsibilities of the Union Assembly:

1. Approval of the amendment of the alliance constitution;

2. Examine and approve the annual work report of the Union;

3. To consider and approve other reports submitted by the Council.

(2) The Council is the executive body of the Union Assembly and is responsible for the Union Assembly. Board duties:

1. Submit a resolution to the Union Assembly to amend the Constitution of the Union;

2. Explain the alliance regulations;

3. Implement the resolution of the Union Assembly;

4. Decide to join and delist members of the alliance;

5. Listen to and review the work reports of the Secretariat and various working groups;

6. Review, approve and modify the basic management system of the alliance;

7. Discuss and decide other important matters.

Article 10 The Union Secretariat is responsible for daily work and is responsible for the Union Assembly. The secretariat has one secretary-general and several deputy secretary-generals.

(1) Responsibilities of the Secretariat

1. To implement the resolution of the Union Assembly, responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating the work of the Union;

2. Responsible for the preparation and convening of the conference of the Union Assembly;

3. Responsible for accepting applications for joining the alliance, preliminary review of the qualifications of applicants;

4. Propose delisting and violation of alliance members and accept applications for alliance members to withdraw from the alliance according to the relevant system of the alliance;

5. Other matters assigned by the Union Assembly.

(2) The Secretary-General of the Union exercises the following powers:

1. To preside over the daily work of the Union Secretariat, organize the implementation of the work plan, and monitor the progress of the work;

2. Nominate the Deputy Secretary-General and report to the Council for consideration;

3. Convene and preside over the alliance council meeting;

4. Sign important documents and participate in various major activities on behalf of the alliance.

Chapter 4 Joining Conditions

Article 11 Members who apply to join the alliance must meet the following conditions:

(1) An independent legal entity operating in good faith is in a leading position in the medical supplies industry;

(2) Actively participate in alliance activities and keen on industrial development;

(3) Support the articles of association of the alliance and fulfill the obligations of the alliance.

Chapter 5 Joining Procedure

Article 12 Procedures for applying for membership:

(1) Fill out the "Union Application Form", submit a copy of the business license, submit product pictures, specifications and models, and provide production and export qualifications;

(2) The Secretariat shall report to the Council for deliberation after the initial review;

(3) With the authorization of the council, the secretariat can approve new members and submit to the next council meeting for confirmation.

Chapter 6 Rights of Union Members

Article 13 The members of the coalition shall equally enjoy the rights stipulated in the statutes of the coalition:

(1) Participate in the conference of the Union Assembly, participate in the discussion and vote on major policies, resolutions and matters related to the development of the Union;

(2) Propose to the Secretary-General to convene an interim meeting of the Union Assembly, make suggestions, opinions and supervise the work of the Union Secretariat;

(3) Give priority to collaboration with other members of the alliance;

(4) Participate in regular and irregular events held by the Alliance;

(5) Have the freedom to withdraw from the alliance.

Chapter VII Obligations of Alliance Members

Article 14 The members of the alliance shall fulfill the obligations stipulated in the articles of association

(1) Recognize and abide by the statutes of the alliance, implement the resolutions of the alliance, and abide by the rules and regulations;

(2) At the request of the secretariat, send representatives to participate in the work of the secretariat, and undertake the work entrusted by the alliance, actively support and participate in various activities organized by the alliance, and recommend new members of the alliance;

(3) Keeping the business secrets of the alliance.

Chapter 8 Exit and Delisting

Article 15 For members who deviate from the purpose of the alliance, violate the provisions of the obligations in this statute and negotiate invalid, after verification by the Secretariat, submit to the Union Assembly for deliberation and suspend all its internal activities.

Chapter 9 Others

Article 16 The articles of the articles not covered in this charter may be supplemented or amended by the council after being reviewed and approved by the council;

Article 17 The power of interpretation of this charter belongs to the Union Secretariat.

May 10, 2020