Silk Road Global Anti Pandemic Material Industry Alliance Introduction

Background of setting up the alliance:
The current epidemic of new crowns is raging all over the world, the epidemic of Europe and the United States continues to escalate, and almost all countries in India, Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, and South America have been spared. The most widespread crisis in human society since 5,000 years is like this China has started the war between humans and viruses. With the escalation of the epidemic situation in various countries, the demand for various anti-epidemic materials has continued to burst. However, due to the impact of the epidemic situation in various countries, the production has been suspended and the global supply chain has been blocked by logistics and closures. Due to the influence of the country, there is a large-scale shortage of all materials needed for the fight against the epidemic. With the resumption of production in China's manufacturing industry, the release of China's production capacity has provided a strong guarantee for the supply of anti-epidemic materials in countries around the world.
The purpose of the alliance:
As a group of enterprises in China's manufacturing and supply chain, due to the epidemic situation, the output and business of our various companies have been greatly improved. Here, members of our global anti-epidemic assets industry alliance refuse to drive up prices and refuse Low-quality products, refusing speculators to resell, directly facing the international market, providing the fastest, safest, highest quality, most authentic and reliable anti-epidemic materials production and supply for global buyers. Humans defeat viruses and contribute to their own strength ...
Alliance's public welfare assistance:
We call on all kinds of material production enterprises and circulation enterprises involved in the anti-epidemic to start from their own, stand at the height of human society, carry forward the spirit of internationalism, and refuse to profiteering, speculation, high prices, and low-quality products to enter the international market. Actively provide the best quality anti-epidemic materials to the global anti-epidemic products in accordance with the standards of relevant countries, and give full play to the spirit of humanitarianism, give back to the society, and provide assistance and support to the countries with serious epidemic and insufficient purchasing power!
Our advantage:
The alliance can provide various types of anti-epidemic materials for the anti-epidemic that are convenient, fast, safe in transaction and reasonable in price.
The alliance consists of a group of enterprises producing medical devices and protective materials and supply chain service enterprises, supplemented by financial models, and the alliance has established a certain amount of inventory of some epidemic materials in advance. The pre-arranged order can reduce the buyer's long waiting period.
Our products:
The products of the alliance enterprises range from medical equipment such as ventilators, monitors, and PCR to masks, gloves, protective clothing, nucleic acid test boxes and other related products.
Join the alliance:
The Alliance welcomes global anti-epidemic protective materials production and distribution companies to join our family and let our products contribute to the global anti-epidemic countries!