Material shortages, the Silk Road supply chain helps the global anti-epidemic

The New Corona virus is raging wildly around the world, and the epidemic is spreading rapidly. Many countries and regions around the world are caught in the deep waters caused by the epidemic.

The real-time statistics of Johns Hopkins University show that as of 7:32 on May 12, Beijing time, a total of 4,171,859 cases have been diagnosed worldwide, and a total of 285,690 deaths.

We can also see from the above data that the global spread of the new crown epidemic is extremely severe.

Against this background, the prevention and control of the epidemic and the fight against the epidemic have become the main themes of social activities, production activities, and positive political and economic activities in the entire world. In the face of such global major public health emergencies, the world is facing A huge test.

Sufficient supply of anti-epidemic materials is an indispensable and important guarantee for effective prevention and control of epidemic situations. Through the news reports during this period, we can see that many countries around the world have suffered from shortages of medical anti-epidemic materials due to the outbreak of the epidemic, or even a scarcity.

Because of China's long-term manufacturing advantages, the industry chains of products related to the plague, except for 3M masks, are dependent on or closely related to China. With the domestic epidemic situation under control and the enterprises resuming production, our Chinese enterprises have increased their horsepower to produce various types of medical, health, and epidemic prevention materials to meet the needs of countries around the world and support overseas anti-epidemic actions.

However, in the face of a serious imbalance in the supply and demand of global medical supplies, driven by huge profits, market speculation has led to chaos in the production, certification, distribution and export of anti-epidemic materials. When futures are in stock, change hands to make the difference; certified fishes are mixed, and inferior products impersonate high-end. All these damage the reputation of "Made in China". Unscrupulous merchants have no credibility in their speculation at the head, which confuses the market and disturbs the people.

Various types of anti-epidemic materials (masks, frontal temperature guns, ventilators, protective clothing, gloves, etc.) have also experienced a surge in prices. The prices of key products such as frontal temperature guns, meltblown cloths, and ventilators have increased by 5-10. Times, even the meltblown cloth has reached 40 times, and the price of individual ventilators has reached more than 400,000. This situation has provided very negative materials for the stigmatization of China and Chinese enterprises in the international environment.

In the face of market chaos, the Chinese government has vigorously introduced various countermeasures, increased supervision and crackdown efforts, and a number of responsible enterprises have emerged in society to form anti-epidemic alliances spontaneously, organize enterprises to conduct market self-rescue, and use practical actions to protect Chinese enterprises internationally. Image.

The Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance is a joint venture between Silk Road Supply Chain and Beijing Hongrunda Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Keman Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zibo Zhongxun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Arican Medical Co., Ltd. It is a public welfare organization composed of well-known domestic and foreign medical enterprises and logistics organizations.

The Alliance provides anesthesia ventilators, monitors, detection reagents, and capsules required for prevention and control, and each category has multiple brands. Only the ventilator has the aerospace Changfeng ventilator | ACM812A, Yuyao positive pressure ventilator YH- 830, Keman AX-400 anesthesia ventilator, Hongrunda severe ventilator ZXH-550, noninvasive high flow double balance ventilator-BMC U-25T multiple choices For details, please visit the official website:

Faced with the pain points of uneven quality and long appointment cycle in the current medical supplies market, the alliance has the advantages of inventory and spot transactions on the basis of quality assurance, and has many brands, complete categories, and greater selectivity.

The global epidemic situation is raging, and the anti-epidemic material market is chaotic. At this time, China's manufacturing industry needs to show the style of a big country, promote the spirit of internationalism, refuse to profiteering, speculation, high prices, and low-quality products into the international market. The standard of the department requires that the highest quality anti-epidemic materials be provided to domestic and foreign anti-epidemic products.