Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance guards against epidemic

With the rapid spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic overseas, anti-epidemic materials have emerged on a global scale, countries around the world have turned to China for help, and overseas orders for domestic anti-epidemic materials manufacturers have surged. However, the overseas epidemic situation is developing rapidly, seriously exceeding expectations, and there is a huge gap in anti-epidemic materials such as masks, testing reagents, and ventilators. Even if Chinese factories are fully operational, it is difficult to meet overseas anti-epidemic needs.

Faced with the increasingly serious national epidemic situation, some countries began to implement extraordinary laws during the extraordinary period. For their own benefit, they did not hesitate to "tear" their skins, explicitly prohibited the control of exports, and implicitly became "robbers" and directly "cut off the tiger". The "seizure war" of medical supplies officially kicked off from Turkey's forced seizure of 200,000 masks purchased by an Italian company in early March ...

First, France directly cut off orders for millions of masks in the United Kingdom, and temporarily requisitioned 4 million masks purchased from China by Swedish multinational companies in Lyon.

Then Germany repeatedly "shot" and directly intercepted a truck belonging to Switzerland, which had 240,000 Swiss protective masks imported, and a few days later, it took off a batch of Swiss protective gloves that were only passing by.

On April 2, the federal government seized 1.2 million masks shipped back from Shenzhen in Massachusetts. On April 3, the federal government seized 200 ventilators purchased in Colorado ...

Behind the rush to buy supplies, countries are eager to buy medical supplies. With the increasing shortage of overseas epidemic prevention materials and problems, Chinese companies feel that all countries in the world are a community of shared destiny. For this reason, the Silk Road Supply Chain Organization has quickly put into action to form the Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance, relying on many years of medical health The advantages of industrial resource gathering, together with member companies to cooperate with the first-line manufacturers, reserve a batch of high-quality epidemic prevention materials, quality assurance, complete qualifications, and fair prices, helping the precise connection of epidemic prevention resources and global empowerment.

Silk Road Anti-epidemic Materials Alliance is a voluntary public welfare organization that combines voluntary, professional and industrial integration by voluntary production of new coronary pneumonia medical materials products, distribution, well-known enterprises, and media.

The alliance has the advantages of cross-brand, multi-variety, spot, inventory, and spot transactions. In the market conditions where the production capacity of well-known brands cannot meet the requirements, the product quality is comparable to that of well-known brands. It has sufficient spot and can be quickly invested. use. Among them are anesthesia ventilators, monitors, testing reagents, and frontal temperature guns, which are extremely scarce in the current medical market. There are multiple brands for each category to choose from.

Taking the ventilator as an example, under the current situation that the VG70 and even the lower-level transport ventilator ACM812A are difficult to find, the alliance has a large number of similar functions, fully satisfying the Hongrun ZXH550 used as a professional ICU. As a replacement, the ventilator is simple, intuitive and convenient to operate, driven by pneumatic mode. Ultra-high performance and relatively low price have become another more suitable choice for countries to buy ventilators. There is also the Coman AX-400 anesthesia / ventilator certified by CFDA and CE. The machine is equipped with respiratory monitoring and anesthesia detection, etc. It has a more complex structure and more diverse functions. In addition, there are aerospace Changfeng ventilator ACM812A, dive positive pressure ventilator YH-830, non-invasive portable ventilator-BMC y30T to choose from.

The epidemic is raging, China is acting, Chinese companies are acting, breaking the chaos in the medical market to ensure that all countries can be an important step in the global anti-epidemic battle. I hope more companies will join in and contribute to the global anti-epidemic.