Build a smooth road for global anti-epidemic equipment

At the end of 2019, when everyone is looking forward to what kind of development miracle will happen in the next decade, a human disaster that has fallen from the sky is unexpectedly coming. New coronavirus, full name is 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCov), the main route of transmission is spread through the respiratory tract droplets, but also through contact. The incubation period is generally 3-7 days, with a maximum of 14 days. The main manifestations are fever, fatigue, and dry cough.

Currently, more than 4.2 million cases have been diagnosed worldwide, devastating nearly 300,000 lives. This is a human catastrophe. The New Crown epidemic is raging around the world. The epidemic in the United States and Europe continues to escalate, and the situation in other countries and regions is not optimistic. According to statistics, more than 210 countries and regions have confirmed cases. It can be said that under this menacing outbreak, almost no country can be alone. This is the largest virus crisis in human history. .

The epidemic situation is escalating, and the anti-epidemic materials are constantly being alarmed by shortages. However, because of the traffic blockage under the control of the epidemic, the global supply chain has been greatly affected. In addition, many countries have been forced to stop working and stop production. The lack of anti-epidemic materials is even worse. China has now achieved a staged victory in fighting the epidemic, and it has extended a helping hand to many countries. Moreover, China's orderly resumption of production and production provides a powerful guarantee for the global anti-epidemic materials.

But the problem also followed, because the lack of anti-epidemic materials caused the price to continue to rise, and many speculators in order to share a slice of the soup under this general situation, ignoring safety standards and product quality, sold a large number of foreign quality resistance Epidemic materials. These materials not only have little effect on epidemic prevention, leading to delays in the disease, but more importantly, this practice has seriously damaged the international image of China and made China suffer a lot of stigma.

In order to effectively solve this problem, initiated by Silk Road Supply Chain Technology, a number of powerful medical device companies jointly formed the "Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance", which aims to refuse to drive up prices, refuse low-quality products, and refuse speculators. Reselling, directly facing the international market, to provide global buyers with the most direct, convenient, reliable, high-quality, low-cost, safest and most reliable transaction methods of anti-epidemic materials, made with Chinese conscience, to restore the original international image.

Silk Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance includes many large enterprises with competitive strength. Through the alliance, the most urgently needed anti-epidemic materials can be procured. These products span multiple brands and types and can be traded in stock to win precious time for the tight epidemic situation.

The medical devices provided in the alliance include a variety of ventilators, anesthesia machines, testing reagents and capsules. The Silk Road Global Protest Assets Alliance conducts strict screening and review of its products to ensure that each product provided has passed CFDA CE certification, many technologies have obtained international patents, which has brought great help in the global fight against the epidemic.

In this war of confrontation between all humans and viruses, the Silk Road Global Protest Assets Industry Alliance has proposed that more powerful companies join in to condense the vitality of domestic medical devices so that more countries can avoid invalid purchases through the alliance. A barrage of war without smoke has won more chips for victory.