Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance Opens Life Channel

There are still tens of thousands of new crown cases every day in the United States. In addition, the situation in Europe, Russia, South America, India and other countries and regions is also worrying. This worldwide spread of the disease is testing the entire modern civilized society. The new corona virus, full name is 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCov), has the characteristics of rapid spread, strong infectivity, acute onset, and rapid progress of the disease, which leads to huge pressure on hospitals for patients. Due to the continuous escalation of the epidemic, the suspension of production due to the impact of the epidemic in various countries, and the impact of logistics and closure of the global supply chain, all materials have experienced a large-scale shortage, and many people are facing undetectable and incurable conditions. , Can only slowly wait for the advent of fate and miracle in pain, otherwise it is the death of life.

Due to the sudden and rapid spread of the epidemic, various types of anti-epidemic materials (masks, frontal temperature guns, ventilators, protective clothing, gloves, etc.) have seen skyrocketing prices. Key products such as frontal temperature guns, meltblown cloths, and ventilators Prices have increased by 5-10 times, and even meltblown cloth has reached 40 times, and the price of individual ventilators has reached more than 400,000. As a major manufacturing country, China has resumed production and resumed work in an orderly manner, thus providing a powerful guarantee for anti-epidemic materials in other countries. However, many people took advantage of the opportunity to raise prices, and even used sub-charges to allow foreign countries to resist The most critical moment of the epidemic, because of these reasons, led to a sharp decline in the impression of Made in China.

In order to combat the speculation of these speculators, the Silk Road Supply Chain has established a global anti-epidemic asset industry alliance with many medical device manufacturing companies, directly facing the international market, combating the emergence of price hikes and low-quality products, so that the world can re-recognize China Manufacturing technology and sense of responsibility.

The ventilator is the passage of life for the new crown patients, but the ventilator in the market is particularly tense, especially the big international brands, and the quality of the ventilator produced by some enterprises in the alliance is no less than those big brands, all have international related technologies. And safety certification, these ventilator models include non-invasive portable ventilator-BMC U-25T, Hongrunda ventilator ZXH-550, Coman AX-400 anesthesia ventilator, aerospace Changfeng ventilator ACM812A, etc.

The reason why the epidemic spread so quickly is that, in addition to the reasons for improper protection of some people, the shortage of test agents, the slow detection speed, and the inability of patients to be diagnosed quickly are important bottlenecks. The reliability of nucleic acid testing has been confirmed, and it is currently the main method for diagnosing new coronavirus infections, but it has the limitations of difficult sampling, time-consuming testing, and the need for P3 laboratory operations; immunoassay methods have rapid initial screening and auxiliary diagnosis It can be used to identify patients with graded diagnosis and treatment, especially for patients with no symptoms or slight infection, which helps to control the epidemic. In view of this situation, the detection of serological IgM and IgG antibodies can distinguish acute infections and past infections. Bell Bio-New Coronavirus antibody detection reagents produced by alliance enterprises, Liangrun Rapid New Coronavirus IgM / IgG double antibody kit, Livzon reagent The kits are excellent in the detection of new coronavirus. These detection reagents have CE and TUV certificates and are eligible for export. They are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions.

The Silk Road Global Anti-epidemic Assets Industry Alliance is committed to providing scientific and technological medical device services that integrate medical device equipment debugging and installation, remote coordination system diagnosis, overall equipment service custody, and technical fault repair service. It can timely and effectively allocate medical supplies, provide spot transactions for areas in need, and provide sufficient "grain and ammunition" in the war against epidemic of life at this time.