Silk Road global anti pandemic Material Industry Alliance Proposal


At present, the new crown epidemic is raging around the world, and the epidemics in North America, South America, India, Russia, and Africa are increasing. Human society is facing the most extensive crisis in 5000 years. With the escalation of epidemics in various countries, the demand for various anti-epidemic materials has increased sharply. However, due to the epidemic situation, countries have suspended work and reduced production, and there is a large-scale shortage of anti-epidemic materials worldwide. Therefore, the release of China's production capacity provides a strong guarantee for the anti-epidemic supplies of countries around the world.

As an ordinary member of China's manufacturing and supply chain, the epidemic has allowed us to stand on the cusp of history. We must shoulder the historical mission and contribute our strength to the global fight against the epidemic. We must carry forward the international humanitarian spirit, unite international and domestic forces, work together to fight the epidemic. Here we propose to jointly launch a global anti-epidemic material alliance so that people from all countries at the frontier of the anti-epidemic can receive timely support and assistance. By directly supplying the manufacturers' high-quality anti-epidemic materials to the international market, we provide global customers with the most convenient, reliable and safest transaction method. At the same time, provide timely assistance and support within its capacity for countries with severe epidemics and insufficient purchasing power!

Looking forward to the participation of relevant enterprises and various non-profit organizations, let us work together to contribute our meager strength to the world's fight against the epidemic!

Hereby propose!


Silk Road Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd.                  Changzhou Tiansheng New Material Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Allicon Medical Devices Co., Ltd.                     Shenzhen Coman Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hongrunda Technology Co., Ltd.                          Zibo Zhongxun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Zhonghai Guangxin Technology Co., Ltd.        Beijing Huiyan Jiaye Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Blockchain Technology Research Co., Ltd.    Yinggan Industry (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.


                                     May 4, 2020